China, Russia to hold joint anti-missile drills
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By Li Ruohan Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/17 19:53:39

The joint anti-missile drills to be held by the Chinese and Russian militaries next month show that military trust between the two countries has improved significantly amid increasing missile threats in the region, a Chinese expert said.

Based on computer simulations, the drills will be held in Beijing from December 11 to 16, according to a notice released on Friday on the website of China’s Ministry of National Defense.

The notice noted that the drills are not targeted at any third party.

The drills come as China and Russia face increasing threats from missiles in the region, Song Zhongping, a TV commentator and military expert, told the Global Times Friday.

North Korea has continued to develop nuclear weapons, South Korea has also enhanced its efforts on ballistic and cruise missiles, while the US has increased its deployment of strategic weapons in the Asia-Pacific region, Song explained.

The drills will include the planning, commanding and coordinating of air-defense and anti-missile missions, and aims to help the two militaries cope with attacks from ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, according to the Friday notice.

An anti-missile capability is crucial, and the drills show that the mutual trust between the two countries has reached a higher level, Song said.

Russia has offered significant support to China’s ballistic and cruise missile development, and the drills would help China become more familiar with the missiles it purchased from Russia and the related military strategies, he added.

The last anti-missile drills between the two countries was held in May 2016, followed by several other drills, such as the 2017 China-Russia Joint Sea Drills in the Okhotsk Sea near Russia’s Far East Federal District in September.

The drills show the two countries are committed to enhancing military exchanges and cooperation on security, Song noted.

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