China plans to use electromagnetic catapult launch satellites
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China Aerospace Science and Industry Group on the “National Defense Science and Technology Industry” revealed that: the group’s future five launch rocket series, “Yu Zhou” and “Qing Zhou” are electric rockets and liquid rocket, respectively. Both will be launched by “Large-scale electromagnetic launch system on the ground”. It is scheduled to be completed by 2020 for electromagnetic emission demonstration system construction and validation of the principle test.


In addition to “Kuai Zhou” series, there are “Kai Tuo” series. At the end of this year, we are ready to launch 200 kilograms of low-orbit satellite. There are also “Yu Zhou” series. By using large-scale electromagnetic launch system to launch electric rocket. “Qiao Zhou” series are used to launch stratospheric airship. Launch service will be ready in 2018. “Qing Zhou” series will be used to launch liquid carrier rockets by using large-scale electromagnetic launching system on the ground.


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——《军民融合 创新驱动 协同开创商业航天新业态》,刘石泉

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