March, 2016

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Newly internet photos showed that China is deploying anti-Ship missiles on islands in the South China Sea.

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© AP Photo/ Ritchie B. Tongo, 21.03.2016 The Chinese Foreign Ministry claimed on Monday that agreements allowing further expansion of the US military presence in South China Sea will result in increased militarization of the region. According to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, the recent agreement between the US and the Philippines, allowing for […]

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© AFP 2016/ Michael B. Thomas, 22.03.2016) Get short URL Donald Trump has outlined what The Washington Post describes as “an unabashedly noninterventionist approach to world affairs.” Speaking to the paper’s editorial board on Monday, Trump questioned the sacrosanctity of the US’s global military commitments, and asked why Washington is so insistent on leading a […]

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Friday, 11 March, 2016, 11:06am, Stephen Chen, A glimpse of six advanced research projects underway on the Chinese mainland. Photo: SCMP Pictures One of China’s leading physicists has called for the creation of a government agency similar to the US institute that develops new technology for the military. Professor Pan Jianwei, the nation’s leading expert on […]

By admin On 19 Mar, 2016 At 09:01 PM | Categorized As Navy, Reviews | With 0 Comments, March 15, 2016 In March 2016 China revealed more details about their new aircraft carrier, whose existence was only made official at the end of 2015. The new carrier will indeed be a new design but it will also be based on the first Chinese carrier, the Liaoning. This is a 65,000 ton, 305 […]

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Can China’s ‘Dreadnought’ Tip the Naval Balance? Lyle J. Goldstein, March 19, 2016, As the U.S.-China naval rivalry unfolds across the Asia-Pacific, Washington sails with significant confidence through these turbulent waters. After all, the U.S. Navy still far exceeds the Chinese Navy in gross tonnage, retains the advantage in key domains such as submarine […]

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© AP Photo/ Xinhua, Qian Xian’an, 04.02.2016 China is planning to launch approximately 40 Beidou navigation satellites over the next five years, Xinhua reported. Over the next five years, China plans to launch around 40 Beidou satellites, which will eventually provide global satellite coverage to rival the US-developed Global Positioning System (GPS), Xinhua reported on […]

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Newly exposed internet photos indicated that China is intensively testing J-20, Y-20, Z-20, and WS-20 in Yanliang Airbase, China Flight Test Establishment.  

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Published time: 16 Mar, 2016 10:49 Relations between Beijing and Moscow will not be affected by any changes in the international situation, according to Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, adding that the two countries are strategic partners. “China is developing relations with Russia on the principles of mutual respect and benefits,” he told reporters during […]

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2016-03-16 (Beijing Time) Agencies BUENOS AIRES: Argentinian forces opened fire on and sank a Chinese boat illegally fishing in the South Atlantic after it attempted to ram a coast guard vessel, officials said Tuesday. A video posted on the coast guard’s website showed a large Chinese boat listing in the open sea while apparently under […]