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On January 1, 2017, China’s new DF-41 strategic nuclear ballistic missile presented itself in the street of Daqing in Hei Long Jing province of China. This might be the response to Trump’s twitter.   

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SourceXinhua, 2016-12-23 Foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying (Source: BEIJING, Dec. 23 (Xinhua) — China on Friday called on the United States to take the lead in cutting nuclear weapons after U.S. President-elect Donald Trump used Twitter to propose the expansion of his country’s nuclear capabilities. “The world’s largest nuclear stockpile country should take the […]

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DF-21D is an anti-ship ballistic missile that has a maximum range exceeding 1,450 kilometres (900 mi; 780 nmi), according to the U.S. National Air and Space Intelligence Center. The Intelligence Center did not believe it was deployed in 2009. The guidance system is thought to be still in an evolutionary process as more UAVs and satellites […]

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China finally showing off DF-41 to the public, possibly due to Trump

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Newly internet photo from is showing that two modified 094 strategic nuclear submarines and two modified 093 nuclear attacking submarines docked at Sanya Navy base. This will strength China’s ability in South China Sea.

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Central Communist Youth League released China’s most accurate intercontinental missile numbers to date. China has 200 ICBMs.  

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(CRI Online) 20:26, July 25, 2016 Chinese authorities have released footage of the first-ever test authorities conducted for ballistic missile interception system 6-years ago. Screenshot of the footage released by Chinese authorities shows China’s first successful test of the ballistic missile interception system on January 11, 2010. [Photo:] PLA researcher Chen Deming says the […]

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(People’s Daily Online) 15:48, July 25, 2016 In response to the scheduled THAAD deployment in South Korea, Chinese state media has recently been reporting on China’s anti-missile tests and the nation’s missile defense system.   DN-2 On July 24, China Central Television (CCTV) revealed for the first time video footage of China’s missile defense system […]

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The newly disclosed internet photo suggested that PLA navy has already armed with new nuclear-powered attack submarine 093B. Type 093B nuclear submarines had obvious hunches, which means the vertical launch device had been installed. This gives PLA navy ability to launch  cruise missiles and anti-carrier missiles (DF-21D/DF-26) featuring all-round attack, large storage capacity of missiles and high […]

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China Nuclear Strategist: China’s Nuclear Weapons Need “Moderate Development” On June 13, SIPRI published the annual report about global nuclear weapons. It claimed that the whole world has 15,395 nuclear warheads and China ranked No.4. China nuclear strategist Prof. Chengjun Yang told the Global Times that China has fairly small amount of nuclear weapons and […]